Sunday, September 9, 2012

new album by "anabioz"

Bashkir Folk Metal band Anabioz preparing to release its new, third full-length album. Next album will be called "There The Sun Falls" and consist of 9 tracks. On its website the group released the album art and track listing:

Track Listing:

1.When Death Is Watching Me
3.Put in darkness
4.Dance, Dance
6.The Maid That Sold Her Barley
7.Under The Alien Sky
8.This Golden Drink
9.There The Sun Falls

The artwork done Al.Ex {project MaYhem design}.

Currently in the process of recording the album. Tentatively scheduled to release it before the end of 2012. The album promises to be very interesting, lively and varied, and the style will be of a Epic Folk Metal.

Anabioz to this point have released two full-length album. The most recent LP - "To Light ..." - Was published in 2010 on labels Irond (Russia) and Black Tower Productions (Switzerland).

Current team:

Olga - vocals, violin
Anton - vocals, guitar
Damir - guitar
Alex - Bass
Alexander - drums


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