Thursday, February 28, 2013

about: frost like ashes

one of the best band in unblack metal scene FROST LIKE ASHES!
the band was created in 2001 kansas city.
they play gospel metal music and the lyrics are about christianity and anti-satanism.
in 2002 they released a DEMO
in  2003 they released a EP album "Pure as the Blood Covered Snow"
in 2005 they released a FULL-LENGTH album called "tophet" .
the band band in next years released some small albums.
the lyrics of tham is full of gospel themes and the music is very extreme (that's awesome
god bless tham! they are one of the peionner of the genre!

   Band Members: Adonijah - Drums, Azahel - Vocals, Fire - Bass, Qoheleth - Keyboards, Sebat - Guitar



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