Wednesday, February 27, 2013

about: animae capronii-winter psalms

winter psalms is a unblack metal album by "animae capronii" it was recorded in italy, februaly 2011.
the lyric's of the song's are very christians, the lyrics were taken from the holy bible. the only member of the band "cesare sannino" recorded and mixed the album. the album is very good, it haves trve guitar riffs and a awesome vocal.


1. Two Ways 03:24
2. God Choose His King 03:44
3. Lament of a Believer 04:39
4. The Greatest Joy 04:50
5. Morning Prey 06:05
6. Cry of a Persecuted 05:24
7. Appeal to God's Justice 06:17
8. Highness of Man and God's Goodness 03:43
9. Thanks to God, Defender of the Oppressed Ones 06:29
10. Dialogue with God About the Evil People 08:00

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