Wednesday, April 24, 2013

interview with NIGHT DEMON

i've got a new interview with a american heavy metal band NIGHT DEMON.

1) How the band history started?

I'm in another band called The Fucking Wrath and back in 2011 Jarvis roadied for us one time when we played in Hollywood. We started talking about music and got on the subject of NWOBHM. Found out that we both loved it and decided to start a band. So I called up my good friend Pat Bailey, a fellow metal enthusiast and drummer, and asked him if he would be in to doing a heavy metal project. He loved the idea and the 4 songs on the EP are the result of that. Pat ended up moving to go to school shortly after we recorded and we replaced him with The Fucking Wrath's drummer John Crerar.

2) What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music?

We've been using an occult theme at the moment. We usually write about subjects that fit with the feeling of the song. Satan has been a big topic. Heavy metal and Satan go hand and hoof, so to speak. They just fit so well together, so why not continue the theme that so many bands before us have done. We're not a political band or have any type of message to send. Not that we don't have our own opinions on politics and whatnot. We just think that it's better not force feed our views on metal fans who just want to enjoy the music.  I think that fantasy topics make the music more fun and enjoyable.

3) What made you guys decide to form a band?

Both Jarvis and I are big fans of the whole NWOBHM scene and share the same taste of what era of NWOBHM that we like. Most of the bands pretty much from 1977-1981 are the best. It's at the point when hard rock wasn't quite hard rock anymore and was when it was on the verge of heavy metal. So after Jarvis and I had a long conversation about all the bands we loved from that time and how we feel that there really aren't any bands that are capturing the the spirit of that time, that we should start our own band and make the type of heavy metal that we want to hear.

4) How did you guys come up with your band name?

I've always wanted to start a heavy metal band and even had a name in mind for a long time. Before we had any songs we were originally called "Chalice" but after a little research I found out that there was another band called that. One night I was talking on the phone with Jarvis and we were trying to think of good name, so I was looking up names of mythical beasts and one of the descriptions of these beasts was Night Demon. As soon as I said "Night Demon" to Jarvis, he said "That's it!!" and Night Demon was born.

5) What ideas do you guys have about the future?

We plan to record a full length this summer and hope to have it out by the end of the year. After it's out we plan on touring the world. You'll definitely hear more about us in the future.



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