Friday, May 10, 2013

interview with ROARGH (part 2)

interview with roargh part 2, the questions are answering DAN.
1) what make u guys create the band?
. Birdman (Dan) and I met at our college SUNY Binghamton. I responded to an ad that he posted about a singer looking to start up a Metal cover band. I responded by giving him a call and coming to his dorm room for a small audition. He was thoroughly impressed with my work and we decided to get the rest of a band together. When I returned to Binghamton for my Master's degree, we decided to be an original band and maybe play a few covers here and there.

2) how did u guys come up with your band name?
 The band name came from a picture that I had seen on the wall of Dan's dorm room. It was a picture of the cover to Voivod's album Rrröööääärrr. I figured that's kind of what we sounded like, so I figured it would work.

3) what bands have influenced your band and it's sound?
Just about every Metal band is an influence to us. Our interests come from all styles and genres of Metal. Personally, as a guitar player, I have been influenced by Dave Suzuki of Vital Remains, Alex Skolnick of Testament, Gary Holt of Exodus, Ralph Santolla of Deicide, and many others.

4) what lyrics u guys use in your music?
Our lyrics have been against the hazing activities of fraternities, but pretty soon, we will have songs that will contain social commentary with a few laughs here and there.

5) did u remember your first show and what was it like?
Our first show was with the Montreal Epic Metal band Blackguard. Most of our lineup had dissipated, so instead of cancelling the gig, we decided to perform it as a duo with a backing track containing drums, keyboards, and bass samples. Regardless of this, the show ended up being a real success for us. We established ourselves in the scene and a lot of people really enjoyed our performance.

6) what song do u enjoy the most?
It's been a tough decision for me, but I sincerely think my favorite song to play is "Antonio, The Manwhore". It's a lot of fun and I get to do some backing vocals which is pretty cool as well. It's also the first song we play, so it gets a lot of people moving.

7) when not doing thing's with the band, what can u guys be seen doing?
When I'm not playing guitar in Roargh, I can be seen in another local Death Metal band called Fenrismaw ( That band has played all across the northeastern part of the US and is in the process of recording a full-length album. Otherwise, I play French horn in a local community band and participate sometimes in other ensembles with that instrument.

8) what can your fans expect to see from u in the future?
Like Birdman said, better songs. We have a lot more stashed away that we would like to perform/record and that we would like to take on tour with us. We would also like to do a statewide tour in addition to having some dates outside of New York and also even outside of the country such as in Canada. Only the future will tell of how things will play out, but we will see.


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