Friday, June 28, 2013

METALLICA: Pro-Shot Footage Of Johannesburg Performance

Official MetOnTour video footage of METALLICA performing the songs "Ride The Lightning" and "Creeping Death" on April 27 in Johannesburg, South Africa can be seen below.

METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich said in a new interview with Rolling Stone that the band has compiled nearly 600 song ideas for its tenth studio album, most of them coming during jam sessions on tour and organized this past January and March in several rehearsal sessions. But that doesn't mean the group is rushing to whittle all that music down to 10 or 12 solid tunes and record them. Ulrich explained, "I understand there are people waiting for a new record, and so are we. But I can't stress about it. It's not like, 'Fuck, hurry up and get this record out.' Hurry up for what? So we can go play gigs? We already play gigs. We'll get there."

Frontman James Hetfield told The Pulse Of Radio that making the new record was a question of time and not lack of material. "We've come up with enough material for a record, for sure," he said. "We've gone through maybe one-tenth of the material that's on our riff CDs, but we've got enough for an album. We just haven't had the time to really focus on it and dial in and start whittling at these masterpieces, hopefully."

METALLICA is not likely to get down to serious recording until later this year or early 2014, with the new album probably not expected to arrive until 2015. The band's last studio effort was 2008's "Death Magnetic".

Earlier this month the band headlined the second edition of its Orion Music + More festival, which was held in Detroit on June 8-9. The group headlined the second day while also playing a surprise afternoon set on the first day at which it played its entire 1983 debut disc "Kill 'Em All".

The group has a scattering of festival slots lined up into September, just before its upcoming 3D movie, "Metallica Through the Never", premieres on IMAX screen in North America on September 27.

METALLICA filmed the movie last August, combining live performance footage from three shows in Vancouver with a storyline following a fictional member of their crew, played by actor Dane DeHaan, who's sent on a mission during a concert.'


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