Wednesday, July 17, 2013

interview with BARBARION

new interview with a australian super heavy metal band! the interview's questions answered CHRIS (guitar)

Aussie terms:
*tanked - really drunk
*farken sick - really good
*tossers - dickheads, people who do shit things

1) Can I get a short backstory on the band(Biography)?
barbarion is a heavy metal band from melbourne, australia. the seven members came together in 2007 and started performing in 2008. since then,barbarion's extraordinary stage shows and catchy songs have been steadily winning over australian audiences.

barbarion always delivers a highly entertaining and threatical performance. the shows incorporate: fire,smoke,skulls,weapons and other battle/heavy metal themed props.
on top of this, each member brings to the stage their own barbaric identity , inspired by barbariansfrom various times and places - leather,flesh,fur, war paint, helmets, drinking horns - it's all there and the resulting spectacle is not soon forgotten.

the band consists of two larger than life frontmen, three hairly guitarists, bass and drums. the music apeals to metal and non-metal fans alike. it is entertaining and uplifting and draws from traditional champions of metal and hard rock such as: IRON MAIDEN, MANOWAR, MEGADETH, ACCEPT and AC/DC.

notable moments in barbarion's recent historyi include: playing the big day of australian tour, meredith music festival and boogie music festival (all 2011) supporting international touring bands: alestorm (2013) andrew wk (2011) pulled apart by horses (2011)  and jeff the brotherhood (2010) ; the realese of their debut music video "my rock" (2011) appearing to the australian music trivia show "spics and specs" (2012) and the recording of a series of singles (2012) released in 2012/2013

barbarion has played many succesful club shows in venues 
across australia over the past five years, now, with bared teeth and steeled eyes, the seven eargerly await their first european tour in mid 2013.

2) What lyrical themes you use in their music? And what message do you guys want to send?
We write about real manly stuff, like battles and battling and being a man. We also like to write about cool stuff, like rock and metal. I think the message is 'fuck yeah! Cop that!'.

3) what was your first concert?
We all came to the band from pretty different musical styles and tastes (my first concert was the Blues Brothers Band at the Palais, StKilda) but the first gig we went to as a band was Iron Maiden. It was so fucking awesome! Pyro, over the top sets, syncronised guitar moves, camp posing. I think it's safe to say this show influenced us heavily.

4) What made you guys decide to form a band?
Most of us didn't have a choice. Myles our singer was at a Melbourne rock festival back in 2007 and he decided that all the music was boring and shit. He was pretty tanked*, so he started crapping on about starting his own band with costumes and 80s metal attitude that would be "farken sick*" according to him. Nobody really listened to him until he started calling us up one by one and telling us (not asking) that we were now in a band and that we had to start making costumes. He didn't seem to care that half of us had never been in a band or played the instrument we were told to play.

5) what can you say about the latest album? 
Jesus Christ! It's so fat and hairy. I have never really been proud of most stuff I've played on in the past, but this record really makes me hard

6) When not doing things with the band, what can you be seen doing in your free time?
Cooking, gardening, sudoku puzzles, you know rock star type stuff.

7) which song do you enjoy to play the most?
I like playing 'Ram the World'. It makes me want to jump around and kick tossers* in the nuts.

8)What can the fans expect to see from you in the future?
Totally awesome, sweaty good times and lots of barely clothed fat men playing fun metal music. Some new songs too!

                                                        (life in meredith music fest)


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