Friday, August 23, 2013

Atriarch - Bassist Needs Donations For Medical Costs

Joe Wickstrom, founder of Nether Regions and bassist of Atriarch, has hit some hard time in terms of his health and is seeking donations for medical costs. In 2011, he was diagnosed with Peripheral artery disease.

Atriarch has checked in with the following: "One of our blood is in need. Gratitude from the bottom of our blackened hearts if you could help in any amount possible."

You can donate to Joe's medical fund and find more information on his treatment here

"Because he's so tough, he finds it very difficult and embarrassing to ask for help. Unfortunately though, he needs it. In the past couple of years, he's had an artificial graft implanted in his leg to keep blood flowing. And that graft continues to fail, sending Joe repeatedly back for more surgeries, medications, pain and suffering.

Even with health insurance, the daily deductible for hospitalization is $250 and Joe spent 10 days in the past 2 months there. That $2500 on top of the $800 in payments he still had to make from 2011 adds up. Each medication is a $25 dollar copay and he has 8 which is $200 a month which he needs to pay before they give him the meds. And this is the killer... he now has daily blood draws which are $20 a day payable at the time of service which is $600 a month. He has to make 5 doctor visits a month at this time which are $20 each.

Beyond all the medical expenses, Joe can barely afford to live and eat now. He's slipping behind financially, on a ton of medication, and sometimes having to choose between buying meds or food. We as a community cannot let this go on. We can help pull him out of this mess in a hurry. What he needs is about the same the average band needs to make a record. Let's do this."



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