Wednesday, August 28, 2013


interview with colombian brutal death band.

1) Can I get a short backstory on the band (Biography)?
The band was formed in the mid of the 2011, at that time, Julián and me (Iván) have had like... 5 or 6 bands before... Another story that doesn't matter, anyways, one day we were talking and i said something like "Hey, i'm just trying to learn about all this recording and production stuff, what if we make one of that 2-men band, we just record and never play live?" So we were thinking, first in make a Hardcore/Beatdwon band, but that's for tough guys so we thought about a Black Metal band but that's a genre that a loooooot of bands play in our city and meh... We just wanted to do something "New" so we just decided to make a Slam band... And that's how it all begun... Like 3 months later, the whole "Atrocious and Grotesque" was composed and written (By Julián and me, more by Julián) so we started recording, Julián in the guitars and i in the vocals, bass and all that production stuff and well, after we just realeased the album (It has always been for free downloading) someone asked us for playing in his concert so... We just ask to some friends to be live musicians and the accepted, and after that, well, we've been playing eventually in our city and another main cities of the country... Right now we want to take it easy, just record some ideas that appear sometimes and play when we have an invitation, that's it.

2) What lyrical themes do you use in the music, and what message do you guys want to send?
The lyrical themes... Everything is about killing, guts, blood, mental diseases, killers, and all that cliche stuff in the gore, that's what we wanted, something shocking and disturbing under the excuse of "Sing about how the humanity and moral is going down in the whole world, the humanity is a disease"

3) What bands have influenced your band and its sound?
As musicians we're influenced by every sounds, but for this particular project we just try to show some brutality, sticky grooves, slow tempo heavy breakdowns and a lot of gore (Movies, series, songs, any kind of gore) so we just get influenced by all the sounds that compose this things... Slam Death Metal, Classical Death Metal, Brutal Deathcore, Groove Metal, there are a lot of influences out there, but just for name some bands: Goretrade, Begging for Incest, Waking the cadaver, Annotations of an autopsy (Old stuff), Devourment, Cerebral Bore, I declare war, Dawn of demise, Pantera, Chimaira, Acranius, Big End Bolt, Flesh Consumed... Etc, etc, etc...

4) What made you guys decide to form a band?
That question is already in the "Short" biography... We just wanted to make a 2-men band for fun and... Now we're here, hahaha.

5) What is your opinion on the current state of metal, and also how do you feel about the different classifications in metal and how some get a negative rep?
Well, we have been discussing a lot about that in the last years and we really like the ways the metal is developed nowadays, particullary, Julián and me, we have a side-proyect called the Sky Is The Reason, it's a metalcore band, Alejandro, the actual live drummer have a Deathcore band (The Last Year Of Sanity) and the live guitarrist Santiago, have a Thrash Metal band (CuntCrusher) ... We really like both old and new metal, mainly because as musicians we have to listen a lot of different musical generes, so we are kind of musically "Open-minded" but the real problem is in the country we live and the metal "Culture" here, it's really hard for a band of "Modern" metal (Something different of classic Thrash, Black, Death and Heavy) to grow up... We really support the Modern Metal bands, and also the Classic Metal bands... And we would everyone to do that...

6) When not doing things with the band, what can you be seen doing in your free time?
When we're not a Pseudosickkillerfuckers, we're commons university students with a lot of homeworks and another bands, Julián studies Industrial Engineering Alejandro and i study Physics Engineering and Santiago is school student... We also have our side projects and personal likes... Movies, sports, but that's not what the fans like to know... We're just common people.

7) What made you guys decide on "Pseudopathological Vivisection" as your band name?
For the band name we were looking (As for the lyrics) something shocking, long and disturbing, we had a lot of options (Brutal Coprofagia, Exhumed Decapitated Body,... ) but we decide to use the name of one of our favorite band's song, and well... For you all to know, Pseudopathological Vivisection is a Necrophagist's first demo's (And re-recorded for the first album) song.

8) What can the fans expect to see in the future?
For the near future, you can keep in touch for the new stuff of The Sky Is The Reason, we're working really hard in that right now, and for the side of Pseudopathological Vivisection not even we know what to expect... Maybe in some years we will be in an Obscene Extreme Festival or touring with Dying Fetus, in USA... Who knows? This year we're gonna be in some shows next to the best Colombian death metal bands out there (Goretrade and Genetic Error) so see ya'll around there.


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