Sunday, August 4, 2013

interview with SOUL TERROR

new interview with a american sludge/doom metal band.

1) Can I get a short backstory on the band (Biography)?
The idea for Soul Terror was formed about a year ago out of my desire to play heavy, slow, dreadful type music. I wrote the basic outline of the songs a while ago, but never did much with them. I was motivated to bring the project to life again as a means to express some things that happened in my life recently. Soul Terror consists of a guitarist/vocalist, a second guitarist, bassist and drummer. We're doing the "anonymous" thing, at least for the time being. 

2) What lyrical theme does The you use in their music? And what message do you guys want to send?
The lyrics on "Vanitas Vanitatem" are deeply personal to me, and tell a tale of loss and realization which has recently affected my life. I like to leave it rather ambiguous, letting the listener take away what she or he will from my words to hopefully further their experience with the album. Thematically, the lyrics do touch on loss, isolation and suicide. 

3) What bands have influenced your band and its sound?
 I'd say that Soul Terror's sound influence comes a lot from bands such as Corrupted, Buried at Sea, Khanate, Lightbearer and even some Fall of Efrafa. Also non doom bands influence me with the atmosphere they create, such as His Hero is Gone or Knelt Rote. A lot of the influence also came from, as cliche as it may sound, life, and the emotions and feelings I was trying to convey. I wanted to make music that someone would hear and instantly feel that hopelessness, anger, sorrow. Doom seemed like the perfect medium for that. I wanted to do something that took the bleak atmosphere of what Corrupted has done so well and mix it with some of the melody of something like Buried Inside, meanwhile doing something that I felt was unique. I wanted to make music that I wanted to listen to, basically. 

4) What made you guys decide to form a band?
The idea to form Soul Terror basically came about from my love of this type of music and the lack of it in the scene in which we're from. There's not too much going on in the way of heavier stuff, a lot of it is Blue-grass type stuff, Pop-Punk, "emo" revival type stuff. Not to talk negatively about those genre's of music, as I try to respect music as expression in all forms, there just really isn't too much going on in the way of heavy music around here. 
As cheesy as it sounds, it's also a very cathartic release for me personally to play music like this. All of those factors led to the formation of Soul Terror.

5) What is your opinion on the current state of metal, and also how do you feel about the different classifications in metal and how some get a negative rep?
I feel that the current state of metal is rather stale. It seems that the genre as a whole has gotten a lot more attention lately, and while I do think that is a good thing, I feel that people are more focused on technicality and showmanship rather than using it as an outlet for new, fresh ideas. There also seems to be more of a focus on producing a better sounding record rather than producing something that has actual substance or using music as a form of expression. Playing metal for the sake of playing metal seems like a very hollow and soulless thing to me. Maybe I'm just getting old, though.

6) When not doing things with the band, what can you be seen doing in your free time?
When not doing things with Soul Terror, we're usually playing in other bands or at least doing something musical. 

7) What made you guys decide The soul terror as your band name?
  The name Soul Terror, I thought it up a very long, long time ago. I knew I always wanted to use it for something, and this seemed like the perfect project to use it for. I did notice that there was a metal band from Finland using the name, however they ended up changing their name to Warceremony some years ago so I went ahead and ran with it.

8) What can the fans expect to see in the future?
Future plans at this point involve a potential tape and CD release with distribution help from Man of 1000 Masks. Really awesome little label run by a wonderful individual who puts out some very solid releases. I'd like to get the "Vanitas Vanitatem" released on vinyl at some point, we'll see what happens! There's been talk of a potential split with the Maryland band Cavern at some point as well. I've never expected this project to get this much attention and I am so grateful that it has, that people are enjoying this music. 


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