Monday, September 23, 2013

album of the week: interrupting cow - rebirth

sorry for posting this so lately, i was watching a a interesting anime,hahahaha.. so! what do we have here!.
this is a new techno deathcore album by american band INTERRUPTING COW. the style is techno deathcore but i call it ALIENCORE, haha!.. when i listen to death metal bands who sing about aliens, i call them alien death metal band's. so! what kind of album is this? i can rate it 8 from 10, it's a great album, full of brutality and techno. the music also haves ALIEN SOUND'S! i mean "alien music" electro music that sound like alien.  even the cover show's a alien invasion. my most favorite track is "Indubitably"..
if u like aggressive deathcore sound's, than this is a great one.

they also have a new video clip. CHECK IT!



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