Monday, September 30, 2013

interview with SKINN JAKKITT

interview with a american groove metal band

1. Can I get  a back story on the band/band biography?

Skinn Jakkitt was created the first day we all decided to pick up instruments and play in a band. Our dream materialized mid 2011.  All of the members have had several bands we played with, created and destroyed. Music was definitely ingrained into us from the beginning. The original line up was Jeff Hayworth, Barry Sams, Shane Farris and Jeff Price. Formed in early 2010 to just play covers and make a little coin. Went through several singers for the cover projects and never really took off. Then we had decided enough and started to write our own material and became  quickly satisfied with what we were producing. The originals starting coming together quickly and we began the hunt for a front man. Around mid November 2011,  Paul Maxwell answered our ad, auditioned and fit the the race was off Skinn Jakkitt was conceived! Wrote 11 songs, done a couple of shows, things were rolling and we had the feeling of success coming to us. Then bad luck struck,  Paul  decided to leave the band in late summer of 2012 due to personal reasons.  Needless to say, we were frustated beyond belief and almost threw in the towel. Regrouped, ran a few adds,  a couple of auditons and  then "POOF" Greg Stephens landed in our lap!! HALLEUAH!! It was basically love at first sight! Greg came in, laid his genius lyrics down and next thing you know, several shows later, signed to a label, picked up new management and on the wagontrail to success!! SJ has climbed really fast and we can honestly say, that this is the best time, the best guys, and the best chance for us to succed. We plan on holding nothing back!!

2. What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What messages do you want to send?

Greg has one hell of a perspective on life. All the lyrics he lays on us are awesome and always have good story in or related to it.  The direction usually leads us to a event in the world or something personal to say. For example, our newest song "Cover Story" is about how the media popularizes violence. Skinn Jakkitt is not overly political or jumps on any cult bandwagons. We always write how we feel, hear and see life around us. Our message would be, play the music that makes you happy, believe in yourself and never settle for less than the best!

3. What bands have influenced your band and its sound?

That is a long list!! Sabbath, Led Zepplin, Clutch, Metallica, Five Finger Death Punch, Ozzy, Stryper, Pantera, GZR, and the list continues! One of the best statements we have heard," is to take 20 of your favorite bands and take their best parts to help create you". You can hear alot of these band in us. We love the heavy grooves, steady melodies and good powerful vocals to put us in a category all our own.

4. What made you guys form a band?

Why does a bird fly? Why do women think they are always right? How come Price can't remember where he left his keys? If you believe in a grand design, Skinn Jakkitt was born the same day the universe was. You think back through our world  history, everything that has led us to this time, this day, we were created to do this. The love was always there, we just had to hear that perfect song, on that right afternoon, or see that one band perform, to wake the senses and go forth with our destiny.  For all of us, music is in us, its our passion, our dream and the big part of what makes our lives worth living.

5. How do you guys feel about the classifications in metal? like deathcore, metalcore, and other subgenres and how some get a negative rep...

We hate labeling, we want music to be music, like it or leave it.  Anytime you here or see something new, you have to give it a name for referrence later. Its just human nature. Its our society that creates classes and therefore labeling.  All musicians want to push or extend the boundaries of the bands before them. To have classifications on music, really separates up as a music community. People tend to flock with the same pack and look down their nose at other genres, which really slows the flow and support for one another.  Negativity comes from bad music in general and poor attitudes no matter what genre it is. Music needs to appeal to you, it has to move you and say something about you. Every generations evolve to new sounds, new ways of playing their instruments, and new ways of naming their world around them.

6.When not doing things with the band, what can you guys be seen doing?
All the members are family men. We have kids, 9-5 Jobs and debt. Down time for us, is really down time, like sitting down for a few and regrouping and letting the stress of a work week slide off your back.  But each of us have our quirks and other interest. Greg enjoys the time he gets with his family, doing outings and dining. Greg is also a former baseball prodigy. Shane is a great mechanic, loves to hunt, put his child through college and takes care of his wife. Hayworth loves to shop, eat and spend time with his girlfriend and daughter. He buys a “new to him” vehicle on a yearly basis and loves to spend money. Price enjoys a good meals, great friends,  good movies and spending time with his wife and daughter. Barry spends his free time online gaming, movies, recording and sound production. Barry celebrated his 8th year anniversary with his wife and adopted son Aaron.  We are all regular joe's with the same trails and hardships as the next man.

7. Your biggest band moment?

Being signed to Tate Music Group and flying to Oklahoma to record our CD and video.

8. What is your opinion on the current state of metal?

We believe metal is on a definite come back. Alot of the new bands are catchy and bringing new light to older groups. Its a good time to for us to come out of the wood work. Our music is different, and we believe it will have a strong hold in the music scene. A nice change would be the stopping of cookie cutter bands that jump on the same band wagon when something new takes off. Its good to hear new music, but separate yourself and try to add new and not copy whats there. Be your own band.  Another thing that hurts metal is, the corporate media machine. They really dictate what is popular, trendy and what should be bought and sold. There are so many awesome bands that will never get heard, due to money, media, and survivability. The biggest jump for us nowadays is the internet. It has given a voice to the independant musicians and helping all of us grow.

9. How did you guys come up with your band name?

The name Skinn Jakkitt was not acutally accepted as a first choice of names. It was mentioned by Hayworth and his girlfriend while we were actually doing a cover band project months earlier.  When Paul came in, as our first singer, we spent several weeks of coming up with names. It finally came to a point where we all put 5 of our personal favourites in a hat. Drew the name and Skinn Jakkitt won. So all the members honored the hat pull and the band finally had its name.

10. What can fans expect to see from you in the future?

Our CD hits nationally  November 5th. So we will spend alot of time supporting it. Our new manager is all ready working on our dates for 2014, we expect to stay super busy. New music is being written now for the next CD. Trying to stay on top and keeping the machine running. The new music will hopefully be recorded by next fall for a late 2014 or early 2015 Release. Skinn Jakkitt really works hard on maintaining a good relationship with our fans, other bands and venues. Our goal is to be full time on the road by the end of 2014! Hopefully see you on tour!


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