Friday, October 18, 2013

Blind Guardian - Issue New Album Update

After a long period of silence, finally Blind Guardian's frontman Hansi K├╝rsch shared a long update, containing some of his thoughts about the upcoming show at the Out & Loud Festival in Geiselwind, Germany and many news concerning the progress of the upcoming album. He also talks a bit about new songs which should be fast, epic and heavy.

Here are some excerpts:

"[...] Like the majority of you, I was also very surprised when our show in Geiselwind was announced for May 2014. I suppose that I, or one of the other guys, have agreed to this show. I'll probably never figure out who did it, but that's not important now, the show itself is of importance. To be honest, all of us cannot wait to get back on stage. Our stage abstinence seems much longer to us than "just" 2 years. Since we were asked to do a 'Best Of' show we do not even have to rehearse, this is more or less the type of show we have done in the past anyway. I still hope we can put in some surprises since no one really knows what we consider our 'Best Of' songs at the moment. It might differ from Memories Of A Time To Come though. Right now I'm working on a possible set list and I'll cross my fingers that this will be approved when the others have a look at it. [...]"

"[...] Right now, we are working on 5 faster songs. As far as I remember last time I have mentioned 'Encrypted Time' and 'Holy Grail' (which are both proceeding well in the album production), so I am going tell you a little bit about 'Winter's Coming', 'Outcast' and 'Song 9'. The first one is based on Marcus' idea of a 90's orientated speed/thrash song. We have finished a good two thirds of this one. It's fast and heavy, or was it heavy and fast? I have no idea how he came up with the title 'Winter's Coming'... 'Song 9' is a fresh one which used to be a collection of parts at first, but then developed into something very special. I would describe it as a refreshing combat between 'Guardian of the Blind', 'The Script for My Requiem' and 'Ride into Obsession' only disturbed by a fairly straightforward chorus. If you ask me this one is born to become a 'classic, but first underrated by the band' song. My favorite among the fast ones certainly would be 'Outcast'. A song full of surprises. The old school die hard fan will probably complain later that this one has a soft intro (epic and sad), but even this person would have to agree that afterwards we keep up the speed on this one to the very end. The song is a roller coaster ride through the last three decades of metal. I love it! [...]"

"[...] The songwriting period is almost finished by now and the final production session is going to start next week and will keep us busy until Geiselwind. As I think about that I better stop thinking and start songwriting instead. [...]"


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