Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Anthrax - Scott Ian Releasing Memoir

Anthrax might be working on their new album, but guitarist Scott Ian has other projects on his hands (or fingers) as well. The co-founder of the thrash metal band sold his memoir, I'm The Man, to Ben Schafer at Perseus' Da Capo Press and the book will offer a complete history of the group. The book is scheduled for a fall 2014 release.

Ian will be co-writing with Jon Wiederhorn (a senior writer at Revolver), and will also, Da Capo said, get into his upbringing "in a dysfunctional home, and his escapism through the turbulent world of heavy metal"; the book will feature "full-color autobiographical comic book inserts."

The guitarist said: "Why a book? Because I think my story can connect with anyone and, if I was able to make the life I wanted for myself happen, then anyone can. I'm really excited to be writing a book because the idea of getting forty-something years of stuff out of my brain and onto the page seems very therapeutic. Plus if I didn't do it now, I'd start forgetting and wouldn't be able to share all these killer stories with you, my friends!"

Do you think this could be interesting? Obviously, he is the man.



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