Saturday, December 7, 2013

Morbid Angel drummer Pete Sandoval left The Band because he ‘found Jesus’

this is one of the best news for me personally because i'm a christian.
we all know what band is MORBID ANGEL, death metal band which sing's about anti-christianity and other bad stuff.
but, the drummer of the band PETE SANDOVAL has left the band!
because HE FOUND CHRIST!.. he found him in his heart and realised that everything what he was thinking about him was a big mistake!. he is now no longer the member of the band.
the vocalist of the band DAVE said in a interview with invisible orange

Is Pete still an official member of the band? He’s still listed as one in various places online.

Pete’s no longer in Morbid Angel.

I know he publicly said some unkind things about the last record after it came out.

Well, his whole way of life has changed. He’s in a different spot, and the spot that he’s in right now, Pete Sandoval and Morbid Angel are not compatible.

How so?

Well, he has found Jesus. You can see where the incompatibility comes from.


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