Friday, March 7, 2014

About: BabyMetal

this is a special post about a japanese band called BABYMETAL. you don't know that band?
than relax and get ready for BRUTAL J-POP!
you may think that they are something shitty.a kid metal band? uhh.. are you serious?.. but wait! give them a chance.

babymetal is a japanese "DEATH" METAL band from tokyo, born in early 2010. the band members are teen girls,  they are called: SU-METAL (1997),MOAMETAL (1999) and YUIMETAL (1999). the band created them own genre called KAWAII METAL, kawaii means CUTE, it's a mix of j-pop and death metal, you may think that they sound DEATHCORE, but trust me. they don't have anything similar to deathcore, even the breakdown's are not the same.  in the early time they sounded more like industrial metal, today they added more heavy guitar riffs and guttural growlings. (they are not growling). i first discovered them few years ago, i was lazy and i googled BABY METAL  (because i wanted to find a funny video where a kid is singing metal) and i found a title source from METAL INJECTION, NEW SONG BY BABYMETAL, i was interested, what does it mean? so i entered and watched to the video DOKI DOKI MORNING, first my reaction was WTF? i didn't liked it. but in the second year when i googled them again i discovered some super heavy super happy metal song's from them, like II NE and IJIME,DAME,ZETTAI. i was like, WOW! they are awesome!
that was the old babymetal, today's babymetal changed. in februaly of this year they released the first full-lengh album called BABYMETAL. that motherfucking album is N1 in itunes metal chart. you may think it's because the album is SUPER! but i didn't listened to the full album yet, i listened to the 1 track from the album called GIVE ME CHOCOLATE. i was excited when they released it. the song start's with aggressive death metal music and when it's time to sing, the vocal was like this: (first vocal)ADADADADA-DAA-DDAAA-DAADAADAA-DU YOU!  (second vocal) ADADADADA-DAA-DDAAA-DAADAADAA-DU YOU! 

i was like, WHAT DA FUCKIN FUCK? are they insane? uhhh...


wanna download the vid? CLICK HERE

wanna download the vid? CLICK HERE

this is the NEW song..


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