Friday, May 9, 2014

Review: Gutted Souls - Unconscious Automaton

so!. what do we have here?.
from the cover you may think it's a death metal cover, yes! it is a death metal cover, but an old school sounding!
this is a EP album released in november 2012, by brazilian band from "rio de janeiro" GUTTED SOULS (by the way, cool name)
i've listened it in bandcamp, and it's really awesome.

1. The Undying Stars - this is a great one, the song starts with aggressive riff's, killer drum's and epic inhale vocals.
great song to headbang, but i liked the ending! it end's BRUTALLY! guitars! drum's are getting overload! and the vocals are low and long like in brutal death bands.

2. Psychopathic Ruler - now! this is my most favorite one! the song starts extremely brutal, after a long brutaling! it comes with a solo and ending again with brutaling!

3. Dancing to the Sound... of the Powers That Be - i like the starting, brutal death technical and evil sounding pig squeals, YEAH!!

4. Words of Hate - cool track. aggressive sounding, lot's of brutal moments with solo moments. makes a great death metal song! haha..

5. Mondo Psycho (demo) - even if this track is taken from the 2011 demo, it's still a great one, most technical from the ep, i love technical's.

6. The Undying Stars (Demo) - demo version of the undying stars, a little weak, but still a great one.

so! those were the tracks from the EP. in my opinion, the EP haves some influences of DEATH and it haves some OLD SCHOOL elements.


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