Friday, July 11, 2014

"Babymetal" #2

as you may remember, i already made a post about the legend of babymetal! coming from the land of the rising sun.

after my post, in few months they released a full-length album with the same name BABYMETAL.
album tracklist are the same as the EP albums which they released early, but with 1 new track called GIVE ME CHOCOLATE. now that was WOW.

metal injection and many other popular heavy music communities shared the song, but for me that song was not so interesting, the dancing cute teen girls were more awesome.

the album was in the #1 place in the itunes metal chart


youtube reacts on babymetal! now that was interesting..

but the most interesting is that many metal bands and metal communities share the songs of them with question "WHAT?"

and taking pics with bands:


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