Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Job For A Cowboy - Debut New Track

As the release of their new opus approaches, Job For A Cowboy give us a new song to immerse ourselves in today. "The Celestial Antidote", as this new track is called, is the sixth in the sequence of nine songs taken from Sun Eater. If you have curious about what the death metallers created this time around, enjoy the new song below. What are your impressions of what you heard so far from the new record? Sun Eater hits stores through Metal Blade Records on November 11th in North America and November 7th/10th in Europe/UK.


01. Eating The Visions Of God
02. Sun Of Nihility
03. The Stone Cross
04. The Synthetic Sea
05. A Global Shift
06. The Celestial Antidote
07. Encircled By Mirrors
08. Buried Monuments
09. Worming Nightfall



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